Vogue Williams explains why she won’t be taking maternity leave

Vogue Williams has revealed she is not planning on taking maternity leave when she welcomes her second child. The mum is due to give birth later this month, but explained that she isn’t feeling as stressed about it.

In an interview with The Sun, the mum explained, “I'm lucky it’s not my first because I would have found it more upsetting, but we’ve been here before and you just have to get on with it.”

“Spencer can be at the birth which is great so I’m not stressing. We’re just seeing what happens. If all goes well and we’re fit and healthy, I’ll come home as soon as I can,” she shared.


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The mum said Spencer will take care of their children when she returns to work at radio station Heart after she gives birth. “I really want to just carry on. If I was in an office working nine to five I would probably want to take some time off, but I’m lucky in the way I work — I leave my house at 4.50am and I’m back by 9.20am so Spenny will be on baby duty while I go out to work.”

“I can come back home to my babies having only missed one feed. I could bring the baby with me to do the show — they’re really good like that at Global and if I wanted to they would support me doing it. But I don’t think I’ll need to.”

“Obviously, it depends on the birth I have but I can’t imagine I’ll need to take too much time off,” she added.

Vogue and Spencer are preparing for the arrival of their baby girl later this month. The parents say they have a name picked out for their daughter, but won’t share it until she arrives safely.