Vanessa Hudgens opens up about the time her nudes were leaked

Vanessa Hudgens has opened up about the “traumatising” moment her nudes were leaked in 2007. The High School Musical alum was a mere 18-years-old when her phone was hacked and her personal photos were shared on the Internet.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan about the ordeal, the actress said that it was completely “f***ed up” for someone to share those photos with the public.

She said, “It was a really traumatising thing for me. It’s really f***ed up that people feel like they are entitled enough to share something that personal with the world.”

The photos were leaked in a time before the #MeToo movement, a time when Vanessa was called a slut and was expected to apologise for taking the photos.

The Disney star had to say sorry despite being a victim.

The lack of support Vanessa received at the time of her nude photo leak is disheartening. Instead of rallying around her, like we would today, the public failed to see her as a victim and slut-shamed the Disney actress that many of us grew up with.


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“As an actor, you completely lose all grip of your own privacy and it’s really sad. It feels like that shouldn’t be the case, but unfortunately if enough people are interested, they’re going to do everything they can to get to know as much about you as they can, which is flattering, I guess, but then people take it too far and end up divulging things that should be personal,” she commented.

The Princess Switch star continued: "I think that is because there’s a disconnect when you see your favourite actress on the screen, and you see them now on your TV in your homes, and you can watch them whenever you want.

“There’s almost – I don’t want to say lack of respect because that sounds negative – but it just makes you feel like you know them even though you don’t,” she stressed.