Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev reveals injuries after bike accident


Nina Dobrev has revealed what really happened following her recent dirt bike accident. 

The Vampire Diaries actress suffered a dirt bike accident last month which left her hospitalised and needing surgery. 

Now, Nina has explained what injuries she actually sustained after the biking incident. 


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Answering a Q&A on her Stories from some of her 26.1M followers, Nina was asked, “What actually happened to your leg? Was it a tear or a break?”.

The 35-year-old replied by posting a snap of her with her leg bandaged while she spoke to a doctor. 

She wrote, “Both. Completely tore off my ACL, tore through my meniscus, and fractured my tibial plateau”.

“Shout out to my surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache who not only fixed me up but has been incredible post op checking on me and making sure I’m rehabbing correctly".

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Nina was then asked if she can fully bend her knee yet following her surgery and she responded with a snap of her stretching out her leg and admitting, “I’m working my up to 120 degrees bend”.

The Love Hard star also shared an insight into what exercises she can do now as she continues to recover. 

“I mostly do physical therapy, every day for 3 hours and then a few more hours at home. I just started doing upper body work outs (mostly for my mental health)”, she revealed. 


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When previously opening up about undergoing an operation to help her injuries after the bike accident, Nina told her fans, “Surgery was a success . Thank you to everyone who has been sending kind messages, thoughts, prayers, and good vibes”.

“I have been feeling the support and positive energy. It means more than you will ever know”.

She also let her social media followers know, “I'm ok, but it's going to be a long road of recovery ahead”.

Nina confessed, “I think it’s safe to say my first time on a dirt bike will also be my last lol”, after first revealing her accident.