Underwear as outerwear: The trend that’s DIVIDING stylists everywhere


It's perhaps the most divisive fashion trend of the season – the slip dress.

Wearing lingerie as outerwear has definitely emerged in fashion as a totally appropriate way to dress yourself (and we have all definitely been tempted by a lace bralet or two), but the satin slip dress leaves very little to the imagination. 

So how do you strike the perfect balance between night time chic and a good night's sleep?

Here's how to get it right. 

1. Find the perfect fit 

We all know that the slip dress is supposed to be slinky, but you want it to skim your curves, not cling to them in the wrong places.

Focus on finding a slip that fits well around the bust and that you feel comfortable in. Too big and you will be swamped, too small and you will definitely be susceptible to a nip slip. 

2. Choose the right outerwear

Did we mention that Rihanna lives for a slip dress? From backless gold numbers to slinky floor length pieces, she can't get enough. 

Amp up the glamour by adding a boyfriend blazer, a sequined crop jacket or if you are feeling particularly brave, throw on your best fur coat. 

3. All about the shine 

 Play up the satin quality of your slip dress by choosing a metallic gold, silver or bronze tone.

4. Accessorise 

If you feel a slip dress would make you look tent like rather than the goddess that you are, try out a belt to cinch the waist. 

Team your dress with a pair of strappy stilettos and some decadent jewellery to really add a touch of glamour.

5. Confidence, confidence, confidence

If you are pulling off that slip dress like it's no ones business, then we commend you because this is definitely not the easiest trend of the season. Hold your head high and work it, girl.


Find the perfect slip dress for you… 

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Abercrombie & Fitch Sequined Fringe Slip Dress. €150
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