Twitter reveals its latest bizarre feud!


So, we thought the Iggy Azalea/ Snoop Dogg twitter feud was weird, we thought the Russell Brand/Donald Trump twitter feud was even weirder, but this new one has to take the biscuit. 33- year-old Canadian DJ, Deadmau5, has lashed out at none other than reality TV star and American socialite Paris Hilton. Say what?

Well, it seems Deadmau5 ‘s (DeadMICE?) nose is a little out of joint because Paris has been performing in the same venue as him and apparently has no business doing so. Ouch. 

Taking to Twitter to argue his case, the DJ, real name Joel Zimmerman, compared Paris performing at big venues to him being a racing car driver. Yeah we were’t too sure about that one either.  The outraged DJ said: “If I showed up one day…dated a driver, then hopped on the circuit the following week ‘ just coz I can’? God, even I know my f***ing limits.”

In fairness to Paris, her appearances are selling tickets and the 33-year-old heir to the Hilton fortune has apparently found her passion. Responding to Deadmau5, Paris tweeted: “I find it hilarious when others try to badmouth me to get attention. Sorry that I’m #Killingit while doing what I love & live for.”

You tell 'em, Paris