TV highlights: What to watch on the box this weekend!

Prepare yourself for a few cosy evenings in because there are lots of great things on TV this weekend, especially movies. We are most definitely not complaining. Stock up on popcorn and maltesers and bring your duvet downstairs! 

The Time Traveler's Wife
RTE1, 21.35

Rachel McAdams stars alongside Eric Bana is this clever love story about a man who can travel in time, but only his lifetime. If Rachel McAdams is in it you know it will be a classic soppy film. Perfect for a cosy night in. Grab the Ben and Jerrys…

Evan Almighty
ITV2, 20.00

If you were a fan of Bruce Almighty, this sequel is worth a watch. Steve Carell stars in this comedy as politician Evan Baxter who is recruited by God to build an Ark like Noah did. Convincing others about all of this proves to be a struggle though. 

Iron Man
RTE2, 21.00

If you're a fan of superhero movies, you will love this. And even if you're not a fan of superhero moves, Robert Downey Jr is the main character so, you will love this. Tony Stark is an arms manufacturer who is held hostage and builds a hi-tech armoured suit to do good around the world. Worth a watch.

RTE2, 23.55

Based on Batman and DC Comics this show has been renewed for a second season now that the first is finished. It sounds slightly similar to Smallville and we loooved Smallville. It sounds very addictive and we're sure it's one to catch up on. 

TV3, 21.00

Angelina Jolie stars in this 1920's crime drama. The son of a single mother goes missing and she is devastated, but he is discovered by police some months later. However, she does not believe it is actually her son but the police try to get rid of the case which leads to a lot of trouble in her life. A gripping story with great acting from Angelina Jolie.