TV couples that had the best ‘will-they-won’t-they’ storylines

There's nothing we love better than a well-written romantic storyline. The kind that can keep you watching along with a show for years to find out if the clearly meant-to-be couple will finally get it together and kiss! We've rounded up some of our favourites to reminisce on some of TV's best romances.

Jim and Pam

I mean, need we say more? One of the best romantic storyline sin TV history, Jim and Pam (PB & J, as they’re affectionately known by Kevin) gave us all the ups and downs, longing and resolution that you could ever ask from TV writers. From the close, flirty friendship to the first kiss and calling of a marriage, their journey is an epically understated romance that stays true to The Office’s style and theme – ordinary everyday people living extraordinary lives. In Jim and Pam, we find the realistic romance we all long for – someone who’s our best friend, who’s loyalty is unquestionable, who’s always loved you and always will – someone who will fill a teapot with inside jokes, just for you.

Mary Crawley and Matthew Crawley

Lots of people are divided on this one as Downton Abbey’s Mary can be an unlikeable character to many – but that’s what makes them such a great couple. Another will-they-won’t-they, this pair were thrown together and pulled apart for three seasons before they finally get it together.

They survive wars, the slow death of the aristocracy, inheritance issues and even engagements to other people (Not to mention Turkish lovers dying in Downton beds!). And through all that, Mary’s stubbornness and Matthew’s strict adherence to doing the right thing, they find common ground. He softens her and she challenges him – a perfect pair made all the more tragically meant to be by their untimely separation.

Jessica Day and Nick Miller

Can you tell I like the drawn-out up-and-down romance storylines yet? But to me, the only thing better than the actual relationship happening between the characters is the build up to it where we wonder if it will ever happen at all! Jess and Nick are the perfect example of that as we follow their relationship through seven seasons of the hilarious and witty New Girl.

Both messy in their own way, they muddle through their mutual attraction to fumble their way into a relationship that is deep and caring and hilarious – but it doesn’t work out the first time around. They try to change one another without changing themselves and it leads to an insurmountable conflict that leads them to believe they’re incompatible. But as with all meant-to-be TV couples, watching both of them grow and change over the following seasons to find their way back to one another is an unexpected joy that the writers balance perfectly with the growth of all the show’s characters.

Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore

Talk about tumultuous! These pair are probably the most on-and-off pair featured here with their series of ‘almosts’ and ‘not-quites’. After four – yes four seasons of Gilmore Girls of build up, failed relationships and coffee runs, Luke’s constancy and loveliness throughout finally pays off and he gets the girl! For a time, their relationship is everything fans wanted from the couple – his faux-grumpiness being the perfect antidote to her chirpiness and we really thought Lorelai had met her match in Luke.

But as we see, even after their heartbreaking relationship break up, he will always be there for her, even when he’s the reason for her pain – it’s like they just can’t stay away. It’s made all the more heartbreaking by the fact that it takes them a while to get back on track after this.

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago

A relationship that we saw coming from episode one, Brooklyn 99’s 'Peraltiago' is one of the most satisfying opposites attract storylines in TV romance history! Playful, puppyish Jake clashes with organised and rigid Amy in an almost school boyish way – irritating and teasing her like a kid on a playground.

It takes a little loosening up on Amy’s part and knuckling down on Jake’s, but eventually the pair get together after three seasons of the writers teasing fans. No breakups here this time which is satisfying in its own way and really re-affirms how the pair are made for each other.