Tulisa returns to first love


Tulisa has had a tough time of it in recent months, but it looks like the former X Factor judge has picked herself up, dusted herself down and turned her attention back to her first love. Yes, that's right the N-Dubz star has gone back to her roots and will be releasing a comeback single called 'Living Without You'.

In the last year alone, the 26-year-old star has faced drug charges, been dogged by rumours of plastic surgery and learned that ex-flame, Jack O' Connell has moved on with none other than fashion model Cara Delevigne. It's not surprising that Tulisa has dubbed it a 'year from hell'.

The single, due for release on December 7th, has been described as “contrasting garage influences and pop synth with lyrics about desperation and heartbreak” and may, if it does well in the charts, give Tulisa the boost she needs.

The young star is clearly brimming with excitement about it as she tweeted the big announcement this morning and obviously hopes that 'Living Without You' will follow the success of  her track 'Young', which topped the charts back in 2012.