Tricks to picking up the best things at a car boot sale


Just moved out and have barely enough money to buy a celebratory beers never mind furniture? A car boot sale will be your best friend!

They are great for finding items that will give your new home character and a more homely feel.

Here are seven tricks to ensure you leave with at least one fantastic piece.

Go late
Go late if you don’t care what type of chair you get as long as it is cheap – prices are usually reduced just before pack up time.

Go early
If you are looking for something specific you need to get there early – the early bird catches the worm.

Be friendly
A seller is not going to reduce their price or be willing to haggle if you’re being downright rude – a smile goes along way.

Bring a list
If you are after a good few pieces bring a list, otherwise you’ll just forget what you went there for.

Pick up your large items first
If you are looking for something that is particularly big like a table, grab this first and leave the smaller ones for later. The bigger items go quicker.

You can always clean it
If you love the look of something but the fabric is a little bit off colour or torn remember you can always do a fixer upper.

Bring cash
It’s harder to haggle with a Visa Debit card – which they won’t accept anyway.