Treat Yo Self! 13 of the best advent calendars for less than €20

With Christmas literally just around the corner, this can only mean one of many things. It’s finally time to pick out the best advent calendar to indulge in this festive season.

Gone are the days when you simply peeled back those colourful cardboard doors to reveal tiny, little religious pictures. Oh no, the advent calendar scene has come quite far over the years. 

Nowadays we have calendars filled with luxury makeup surprises or 24 delicious scented candles, we even have erotic sex toy calendars and ones filled with 24 different pairs of festive socks. No matter your preference, there’s an advent calendar for you.

The only problem — they’re notoriously expensive. Yes, we know you’re saving an arm in the long run, due to the contents of these calendars often being worth more than double what they cost, but there’s still a part of us that misses the fact that we used to spend a measly €5 on our month of morning treats, and be happy out with it!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best alternative advent calendars for €20 or less.

Pukka Organic Days of Christmas Advent Calendar – €10.40

A selection of 24 Pukka organic teas, a different incredible organic tea every single day.

Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn Vegan Advent Calendar – €18.40

Behind each of the 24 drawers are snack sized packets of our artisan popcorn in 8 unique flavours, including the likes of Toffee Apple & Cinnamon, Salted Maple, Orange Chocolate and more.

Bathe Sleep Be Merry & Repeat Advent Calendar – €20.44

Bursting with alluring scents, this gorgeous gift set contains blasters, soaps and mallows, not to mention, this gift set is also completely handmade and cruelty-free.

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar – €19.99

This awesome toy-a-day LEGO advent calendar gives Harry Potter fans a magical build-up to Christmas with exciting surprises for 24 days

Haribo Advent Calendar – €9.95

This tasty advent calendar brings together HARIBO favourites from across the world with Tropifrutti, Goldbears and MAOAM.

Offblak Advent Calendar – €19.99

Drink your way through 12 unique flavours of tea. From twists on classics, to new contemporary flavours, enjoy a cup of tea a day and discover your favourite.

Sence Men's Gift set Advent Calendar – €15

One for the lover of grooming and barbershops. This calendar from Sence is full of good fragrances and nice skin care, to give your man clear skin, a well-oiled beard and a delicious smell 24 days long!

Sence Ladies Advent Calendar – €15

This giftset advent calendar from Sence has the nicest skincare products, from nail polish, bath bombs, body butter, hand cream & many more.

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar – €9.75

Filled with our damn irresistible vegan gourmet sweets, the Candy Kittens 3D Build-your-own Advent Calendar is here to make that magical countdown even sweeter.

Festive Bookshelf Advent Calendar – €10.99

If you’re a fan of a good fast-fact, then this really is the Advent calendar for you!

Waterdrop Advent Calendar – €17.90

Stay hydrated during the Christmas season thanks to a selection of 25 micro-drinks.

Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar – €20

A delightful hot chocolate advent calendar of luxury Italian flavoured hot chocolate drinks to enjoy every day in the countdown to Christmas Day. Some of the delicious flavours include, caramel, coffee, chilli, mint, coconut, hazelnut and so much more.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Chest – €20

This lovely reusable family Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Chest allows you to add in whatever treats you like. Plus, it makes a beautiful countertop decoration too.