Transforming dreary skin to dazzling with our self-tanning hacks


The days are getting a little longer and it’s highlighting our sun-deprived skin which looks awfully dull.  Transforming that skin from dreary to dazzling doesn’t come without its trials and errors. However, this simple beauty process isn't something to be afraid of. In fact, self-tanning is a perfect way to get a natural looking tan without ever stepping into the sun's harmful rays. Self-tanning can be effortless when you follow the correct steps and Way to Beauty is here to help with the top tanning tips and hacks for a beautiful, natural glow.

Skin Polish 250ml – €10.74

A tan is only as good as its canvas, so prep the skin first with this invigorating skin cleanser and exfoliator that will gently remove impurities from the skin and leave you with a smooth and even base. Made with natural sweet almond shell beads will gently smooth the skin while giving it a boost as well. This beautiful skin polish is scented with citrus, musk and soft vanilla.

Body Cleanse 250ml – €8.34

The Way to Beauty Body Cleanse can be used pre- and post-tanning. This specially pH balanced formula is gentle and refreshing and causes your tan to fade naturally and not stripped prematurely. This light body cleanser removes impurities and excess oils from the skin, creating the perfect tanning base. Leave the shower feeling fresh, prepped for tanning, and smelling of citrus, musk, and soft florals.

Coconut Body Spritz 250ml – €10.74

Moisturise! Prolong that good glow with this nourishing, hydrating body spritz moisturiser that nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling soft and conditioned. Enriched with extracts of coconut, aloe vera and cocoa and shea butters, it is the perfect addition to your daily self-care and tanning regimen. The coconut body spritz will not only hydrate the skin and assist in holding that tan for longer, but it will illuminate the skin too.

Deluxe Velvet Application Mitt – €4.74

This soft, lush velvet tanning mitt gives even and seamless tanning results. The super soft surface means you can enjoy perfect applications, streak-free coverage every time you tan! Both sides are usable which makes it easier for those hard-to-reach places.

Way to Beauty tan – €8.34- €23.94 

Way to Beauty has a range of lotion-based tans, mousses, waters, and gel to cater for every tan lover’s preference! Each tanning product is enriched with vitamins C and E and delicately fragranced with citrus, musk and vanilla providing a hydrating, nourishing and beautifully scented tanning experience.

All Way to Beauty products are vegan and their packaging is recyclable.  To purchase visit