TOWIE’s Frankie Essex admits she ‘lost her spark’ after twins’ birth

Frankie Essex has admitted that she has been struggling following the birth of her twins.

The former star of The Only Way Is Essex became a mum for the first time in May of last year, when she welcomed twins Logan and Luella with her partner Luke Love.

Now, almost 18 months on from the birth of her two little ones, Frankie has admitted that she has been struggling to find her ‘spark’ since becoming a mum.

In her weekly column for OK!, the 35-year-old detailed how she has been feeling recently.

“I was in bits the other day and just needed to have a proper sob. I just hadn't been feeling like myself and felt as though I've lost my spark, and was just crying about that and about missing my mum,” she explained, referring to the death of her mother Tina, who took her own life when Frankie was just 13 years old.

Credit: Joey Essex Instagram

“I don't think I've got depression but I've been thinking that I might have a bit of PTSD from losing my mum when I was so young. And when I feel sad it just takes me back to that time, and I can't really help it, it just happens,” she confessed further.

Frankie, who is the older sister of fellow reality star Joey Essex, later went on to note in her column that she feels she has “lost some of her sexiness”, especially after experiencing a C-section.

“When doing the caesarian they didn't cut in a straight line so the scar's actually quite bad,” Frankie penned, adding that she "never heard before" that she could ask her doctors to make her scar as straight as possible.

“I already had a bit of a hangover about that area of my body from being bigger in the past, and now I'm even more conscious of it because of the scar. And obviously it's just a part of me now, but it just made me feel worse when I was already having a down day,” she concluded.