TOWIE star punched in the face by a man


It was only last week that photos of TOWIE star Maria Fowler’s bloody nose appeared online – and now another star of the reality TV show has become a victim!

Pascal Craymer shared a photo on Instagram of her black eye, which she says she got on a night out by a man: “Girls please stay safe when you’re out this Christmas, they’re are lots of nasty people about. I had an incident with a man last night that resulted in this.”

The incident is reported by Reveal to have happened in a restaurant in Chigwell, when Pascal questioned the man about why he was in the women's bathroom. He then proceeded to name her a number of derogatory terms before punching her. 

The bruise appears to be fresh and there’s no doubt it will only get darker as the hours on…

Meanwhile, police are said to be investigating the attack on Maria Fowler last Sunday night in Derby.