Were you tossing and turning all night? Here’s the reason why

Is anyone else feeling absolutely exhausted today? Well, there’s a reason for it. If you were tossing and turning last night, you weren't alone.

We’ve been drinking gallons of coffee to help us stay awake and it’s the moon's fault.

According to researchers in Switzerland, the supermoon that’s been gracing our skies for the past few nights has a major impact on your sleep habits.

The participants did not know that the researchers were analysing the impact the moon has on sleep patterns.

The team discovered that on nights when there was a full moon, participants found it harder to fall asleep. They also spent less time in a deep sleep and felt restless during the night.

Wellness expert Jaya Jaya Myra explained to Bustle: “[It can be harder to sleep] due to the direct impact the moon has on the water element in our bodies. The average human body is [mostly] water, making the moon quite capable of altering our mood and mental state. 

“If the mind is turbulent, it is difficult to sleep. Imagining what a full moon or a new moon can do to our thought processes,” she shared.

Treat yourself to a bigger cup of coffee and an early night today. We certainly cannot wait to hit the hay when we get home from work!