Too lazy to iron? Remove wrinkles with these top tips!


Ironing is possibly the most boring chore on earth, but it is a necessary evil. You may have just rolled out of bed, but your clothes shouldn't look like they have too.

If ironing and pressing clothes is your pet hate, panic not – there are a few ways around it, that'll still leave your clothes pristine.

Next time you can't be bothered getting out the ironing board, try one of these alternatives…

1. Steaming
Shower steam is the classic easy option for smoothing out clothes. Why waste the heat, after all? Ensure your bathroom door is firmly closed, and hang your clothes on the shower rod without letting the water hit them. Tough wrinkles will need at least 15 minutes, so this option is best kept for when you're having a long shower. If you're getting antsy about those water charges, use kettle steam instead of a shower. Hold the wrinkled area about a foot away from the kettle spout and steam away those creases.

2. Using a hair straightener
Yup, that GHD can iron your clothes in a pinch, too! The awkward shape means this option is only good for small areas like collars, sleeves and hems but it does the job nicely. Be very careful with delicate fabrics like chiffon or lace though – the heat from your straightener will be higher than on a standard iron.

3. Tumble drying
A dryer on a medium spin will de-crease most items of clothing in around 15 minutes. Be careful not to overpack your dryer as this option works best with one or two pieces of clothing at most. Be sure to add a small amount of moisture, too. Try dampening a very small amount of fabric, such as the toe of a sock, and adding it into the dryer with your clothes. Damp dryer sheets also work here. Now, go make a cup of coffee and let the machine do the work!

4. A sprinkle of vinegar
A strange one, but it works! Fill a spray bottle with a solution made of one part white vinegar to three parts water. Shake, and mist gently over your clothes. Hang and allow to air dry. Done!

5. Blowdrying
The humble hairdryer can work wonders on creased clothing! Dampen the wrinkled area and gently dry it, ensuring you don't hold your hairdryer too close.