TikTok expert reveals ‘romantic’ home tips ahead of Valentine’s Day

It’s time to give your home a romantic makeover!

Valentine’s Day is just under two weeks away, and for many of us, we will be planning to have a date night with our partner. However, for others who are living the single life, it can feel daunting to take a step towards the world of romance.

Research from the dating app Bumble recently showed that nearly half of Irish women (46%) on the app are being more intentional when it comes to dating. So, as February 14 approaches, we’re on the hunt to make a few changes to our living space!

In particular, we want to focus on Feng Shui, which is the act of arranging your home’s interior to create balance and harmony. Thankfully, Feng Shui and TikTok star Cliff Tan has shared his six top tips on how to make your home space feel ready for romance:

1. Arrange your mind before your space 

“Feng Shui is all about making your environment work for you to support your mental well-being. Having a clear headspace can help you decide what you’re looking for from a relationship. For a start, acknowledge your emotional needs by creating a sitting area in your room for you to take a break. Take some time there to discover what you need from your love life in 2024.”

2. Create balance through furniture 

“In love, balance is important. Create this sense of balance by rearranging your furniture to have space on both sides of your bed, and place bedside tables with table lamps on each side. Not only does this bring brightness to your room, but it signifies a space for someone else there. If there isn’t enough space to place the bed in the centre, you can place it in a corner but have items to represent space for two, such as a loveseat or two chairs.”

3. Make space, literally

“The only way someone can enter your life is if you make space for them – literally. Clear and organise your room so that it is free of clutter and ready to take in new things. A tidy and clean room will not only make it more enjoyable but also allow positive energy to flow freely and stay within your space.”

4. Set the right atmosphere with lighting 

“Once your room is clean and tidy, the next step is to set the ambience to hit the right tone. Avoid harsh, overhead lights or naked bulbs at all costs. Instead, use indirect, soft lighting, or even candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Pink is a colour that works well, so you may consider salt lamps or even choosing the sweet hue for your bedding and accessories.”

5. Love Corner 

“Feng Shui is not complete without a special corner to display things that will remind you of the beauty of love. The Love Corner in Feng Shui is usually a corner visible from the bed and deep inside the room away from the entrance. Within it, you traditionally place objects that symbolise love.”

6. Embrace freshness

“Lastly, when you want to welcome fresh love, ensure that your space reflects that you are mentally fresh too. Clearing out your ex’s stuff to make room for new flames is a great way to bring romance into your room, Just like how you would spring clean ahead of the summer, opening yourself up to romance can start with something as simple as removing items that don’t serve you anymore – particularly those from their ex’s. A fresh, neutral space clear of the heaviness of the past will certainly help you move forward and start afresh in 2024.”