Three Men and a Baby: they’re all grown up!


Three Men and a Baby is a classic – how could you not love watching a young Tom Selleck coo over a tiny little baby after all?!

Well that baby, or babies to be specific (they used twins for the film) are all grown up! They were on the Today show talking about how their early acting careers affected their lives. Luckily enough, it didn’t send them down the same path as it did Lindsay Lohan.

The twins, Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair Ontonovich, decided to quit while they were ahead in their acting career. Michelle now works in insurance, and her sister has a career in customer service.

Michelle, who now has a five month old baby herself, explained how it wasn’t until they were teenagers that they started getting attention for their role in the film.

The twins’ mum Geriann Blair said that the girls getting cast in the film was “a bit of a fluke”.

“I was just bored at home on [maternity] leave and I heard about this casting call, thought it was just a scene in a movie, I had no idea it was a big major motion production.”

Ah, we love a good blast from the past!