This woman trades her EPIC menu design skills for free meals!

Wow, we wish we had these talents!

Font queen Lauren Hom has found a way to barter her amazing lettering skills for a full belly.

The New Yorker offers her menu design skills to restaurants all over the city, for free. The only catch? Every menu item she writes down equals one freebie for her.

"Want to promote your amazing lasagna?" she says on her website. "I’ll do it for a plate of that amazing lasagna. Have the best cocktails in the city? Whip some up for me and I’ll whip up a beautiful sign for you."

Lauren said she got the idea when she spotted sloppy writing on menu boards in restaurants all over New York.

"I noticed that it's common for a restaurant to have a menu board that's written by, like, a hung-over hostess," she said in an interview. "And it's totally not a diss on anyone's handwriting, but I thought, I could do that and make it look kick-ass!"

The artist describes the trade-off as "complete fair barter."

We agree that Lauren had some pretty cool skills, but that's a lot of food to give away for free! However it won't be going to waste – Lauren admits she has a "terrifying, yet impressive appetite."