This song about goth Trump will appeal to your inner teenage emo


Okay, so most of us went through an emo phase when we were in our early teens.

Remember all the studded belts and stripy arm warmers mixed in with the scent of Impulse Tease and teenage angst? Yeah, that was us. 

So when we saw this emo parody of Donald Trump's speeches, we couldn't help but laugh. 

The song reminds us of all our favourite emo songs from the noughties, and it completely suits Trump and his rhetoric. 

With classic Trump lines like "Ive' never said I'm a perfect person, or pretended to be someone that I'm not," and "the American dream is dead, we are dying dying dying," the melodramatic words of the speeches perfectly suits the melancholic tone of the song. 

P!ATD and BMTH would be proud. 

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