This mocktail is the perfect juicy treat for all those on Dry January this weekend!

Being on dry January doesn’t mean you can’t join in with the fun over the weekend. If you’re a cocktail enthusiast like me, there are lots of tasty options out there that don’t feature a drop of alcohol, so you can ace this challenge and still enjoy a fresh and fruity drink!

This seasonal and delicious cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy over the weekend, filled with sweet and sour fruits balancing perfectly with a hint of fizz and refreshing ice. Enjoy!

Sliced Oranges And Lemons

You'll need…

2 shots pomegranate juice

1tbsp pomegranate seeds

1 shot fresh lime juice

1 lime

1 shot fresh orange juice

1 orange

1 bottle soda water to top off


Pomelo Juice in Clear Glass Jar

In a glass, add in 3-4 large ice cubes.

Pour in two shots of pomegranate juice, followed by lime and orange juice. Stir together to mix.

Top off the mixture with soda water for a little extra sparkle.

Next, sprinkle in a handful of pomegranate seeds.

Slice an orange and a lime and add them into the mix and serve with a flourish!