This is why we need to eat breakfast

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what we didn’t know was that it can help us burn calories.

According to new research, if you eat a good breakfast,, you will lose more calories than if you skip it.

The University of Bath divided a certain number of people aged between 21 and 60 into a ‘fasting’ group and a ‘breakfast’ group. It’s kind of obvious who did what in each group!

While the study found that having breakfast didn’t stop snacking during the day, those who did have it were more active, making them use more energy – about 442 calories worth.

Principal investigator in the study, Dr James Betts said: “The main finding from our study is that people who eat breakfast burn more calories. Most people would think this is because of reduced snacking and increased metabolic rate but actually this is due to moving around. They were more active during the period that they had eaten breakfast. People moved around if they had been fed and there are many benefits to being active.”

So, if we eat breakfast, we have more energy which we end up burning off anyway – amazing!