This is one strange advantage of wearing a thong

If you are prone to being a bit eh, windy, then one Reddit user could have the answer to your prayers.

The college user who goes by the name of whatsupbromeliad on Reddit, says that for years she suffered from stomach cramps and gas. It wasn’t until she was out shopping for some underwear to go under her prom dress that she discovered that wearing a thong was the cure she had been searching for:

“The stomach aches happened less and less frequently as I moved past puberty but they were still happening… until that glorious day when I bought my first thong. I was shopping with my mom at the mall, trying to find underwear that wouldn’t show under my junior prom dress and the only thing that worked was this invisible Calvin Klein thong.

As you thong-wearing ladies know, having a little cloth between your cheeks lets gas pass normally: a little bit at a time all day. For me it’s so little I can’t even smell it, but it happens every half hour or so 24 hours a day. (I know, I fart a lot) The first time I wore the thong I noticed it, and when I realized what was happening I tossed every pair of underwear I had in the can and invested in some jumbo packs of thongs.

NO MORE STOMACH ACHES. None. Turns out I would build up gas and it was making me sick! The solution was a tiny scrap of fabric between my cheeks.”

Well if it’s working for her, that’s great – though we’re not totally convinced on the science behind her discovery!