This is definitely one of the world’s BEST jobs ever!


Expedia are looking for one lucky person to travel across Britain and blog about the good and not-so-good in food, drink and entertainment. Not only do you get to go on a permanent year long holiday, you will also get paid for the privilege – £105,000 to be exact.

However, if you want this job you better be prepared to fight off some competition – according to s1jobs, who are exclusively advertising the position, 1,943 have applied!

Gavin Mochan, Head of Sales at s1jobs said: ‘This is clearly a dream job for lots of people. When we read the job spec and saw the financial package we knew we would see a lot of interest. However, we didn’t expect quite the level of traffic we’ve seen and what was even more surprising was the amount of people who went past the job spec page to click on the apply button.’

Unfortunately, the position is now closed but Expedia have sought similar  roles to be filled in Spain, Italy, France and Germany so there’s hope for us yet!