This Hollywood superstar secretly got married TWO MONTHS ago!!


In a startling revelation today it was reported that actor Tom Hardy married his longtime girlfriend Charlotte Riley… two months ago.

How is it in this day and age, when we find out every time most so celebrities so much as sneeze, that someone like Tom Hardy could get married in complete secret?

Tom and Charlotte have been dating since 2009, when they met on the set of Wuthering Heights, and got engaged in 2010.

However he managed to keep it quiet until now, today the Sun on Sunday revealed from a source that the couple tied the knot with close friends and family in the South of France on July 4th.

“It was a beautiful, low-key day made even more special because they just had their closest friends and family around them,” they told the paper.

Tom's son Louis played a key role during the ceremony. And they made certain to pick a stunning and private setting.”

“There was nothing flash about the wedding, they always said they wanted it to be about the two of them and their family rather than any grand gesture.”

It sounds beautiful!