This gluten-free wine is going to become your new go-to drink

Ah Summer! Gatherings with the gals (socially distanced of course), BBQ weather, staycations and day trips. The perfect partner in crime for all of these activities? Meet RAMONA, the best of Italian spritz culture. This sommelier-created spritz is made with the highest quality organic ingredients, sustainable production methods, no added sugar, no gluten, and no artificial anything. Ramona is the best of the fine wine world in a go-anywhere, do-anything can. This is the definition of wine without rules.

Available in selected bars, restaurants and off-licenses nationwide as well as home delivery via WineLab, Ireland’s most disruptive wine company, RAMONA comes in 3 gorgeous flavours; 

Ruby Grapefruit – Refreshing citrus zest with stone fruit, ruby grapefruit, lime blossom and Honeycrisp apple

Meyer Lemon – Freshly squeezed lemons, green apple, cactus flower and lime blossom

Dry Ruby Grapefruit  – The low cal alternative that contains just 90 calories and is only 5% ABV. 

The base for all RAMONA drinks is a lightly sparkling organic Sicilian wine made with Zibibbo grapes which is then mixed with organic and natural juices. Each is 7% ABV, vegan friendly and BPA free and priced at just €18 for 4 X 250ml cans, what more could you want?

For more information on RAMONA visit or follow them @winelab_ireland on Instagram to keep up to date on all things RAMONA in Ireland.