This girl TRANSFORMS herself into Cara Delevinge using MAKE UP

This is one of the most mind blowing videos we have EVER seen. 

This is Roberta Larosa, a professional make up artist from Milan. 

Roberta specialises in stage make-up, and has become rather famous for her celebrity transformation make-overs.

Last week, the talented Italian woman posted a video to Instagram, which showed a step-by-step process to become Cara Delevigne (LITERALLY THOUGH)

Roberta uses a number of products, along with a blond wig and blue contact lenses, to complete this mesmerising transformation. 

The results are absolutely AMAZING! 

The video, has been watched 50,000 times this week, and we suspect it will achieve full viral status in no time. 

The caption for this amazing post reads: "today's makeup transformation… Little present 4 your birthday!! @caradelevigne".

Can you say WOW? 

We have watched this 37 times, and it is not getting any less WOW!  

What do you guys think?