This genius wine glass holder is a must for vino lovers everywhere


Wine lovers, listen up!

Whether you're a red or white kind of gal, wine is usually best served alongside some delicious nibbles and in the company of good friends.

A long stem glass in one hand, a delicately assembled cheese/cracker combo in the other – but with two full hands how are you supposed to hold your phone, take a selfie or pour another glass?

Well, this hands-free wine glass holder is here to save the day.

The Neoprene Stemstrap Wine Glass Holder might just be our favourite invention of recent times, and although it may not be the most stylish accessory we've ever seen, we're willing to look past that.

Originally created by WineYoke, this practical product is now available in pink alongside the standard black model.

There are also a number variations available to buy on Amazon, so g'wan, treat yo' self and your friends to this wonderful contraption – and who knows, you might even start a trend down the local.