This fashion label has just launched a literal “Douche Bag”!


We love when the fashion world gets a little tongue-in-cheek and pokes some fun at itself.

That's why we were delighted to hear that majorly posh French fashion label A.P.C. had created what has to be the cheekiest design of the season: the Douche Bag.

The minimalist leather bags come in metallic silver, white, grey and yellow among other colours, and go on sale next week. Rather than having the brand's name embossed on the front, the bags simply read "Douche." Although the word is a full-on insult in some countries, in French it does of course mean "shower," so A.P.C. got away with being kinda bold!

Speaking about the unisex backpacks, the label's creative director Jean Touitou said, "I will simply say this about the 'Douche Bag' bag: Product description: an excellent all-purpose pouch, for men. (Women can use it too). The name meaning: those who know don’t say, and those who say don’t know."

It's not the first time A.P.C. have come over all childish with their products – last year they teamed up with cosmetics line Aesop to launch Post-Poo Drops, deodorising oil to gently perfume the toilet bowl after "instances where vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom." Oh… okay then.

Whatever about the Post-Poo range, we can see the Douche Bag becoming December's celebrity cult product – but at $135 (€107) a pop we're not sure if we'll be indulging ourselves!