Dublin restaurant is giving away FREE Spicebags this weekend only

As a nation, we’ve become quite attached to the humble spice bag. It’s the perfect midweek treat, hangover cure and Saturday night takeaway.

For those  who have yet to try this sumptuous dish, a spice bag is a bag filled with proper chips, crispy chicken, fried onions and peppers and smothered in lovely spices and chillies — what’s not to love?

Whether celebrating, commiserating, or trying to soak up last night’s bottle of wine, the spice bag never lets the nation down. For that reason, Deliveroo believes it's high time this Irish classic got the recognition it deserves – a National Spice Bag Day! 

Members of the public can express their undying love for this tasty dish by signing a petition for the Government to recognise the cultural significance of the spice bag. 

Deliveroo isn’t alone in this mission, the folks at Xi’an Street Food – one of the most beloved chinese restaurants in Ireland – have joined the good fight. 

In fact, Xi'an Street Food feels so passionate about the cause that they’re giving away free mini spice bags with all orders over €20 this weekend. They’ll be made available only to Deliveroo users ordering from Xi’an Street Food locations nationwide –  that’s a lot of spice bags!

Speaking about the nation’s love for spice bags and this limited promotion, Sing, spokesperson at Xi’an Street Food said: “At Xi’an Street Food we see first-hand the public’s devotion to spice bags – it truly is a love affair and we’re proud to help the Irish public satisfy these cravings every day.”

“We fully endorse Deliveroo’s campaign for a National Spice Bag Day and hope our mini spice bags help drum up support.”

Xi’an Street Food’s free mini spice bags are available exclusively to Deliveroo customers who make orders of over €20 from all Xi’an Street Food locations nationwide, between Friday 22nd October until Sunday 24th October inclusive.

To help show your support and make National Spice Bag Day a real thing, sign their petition here.