This barista can draw literally ANYTHING on your coffee!

Oprah? No problem. Beyoncé? Yup. Harry Potter? Oh, but of course. Ask barista Michael Breach if he can draw anyone or anything you can think of on your morning coffee, and we reckon the answer will be a resounding “yes.”

Michael, who shares his work on the Instagram account Baristart, began experimenting with latte art during late night coffee shop shifts. “I had massive amounts of time at a lonely hotel barista station with not too many orders," he said in an interview. "I passed the time challenging myself with increasingly complex designs… People really reacted to it."

The barista makes his designs with some creative milk pouring and nothing more high-tech than a toothpick for more intricate drawings. "I kind of want to be like Willy Wonka with coffee," said Michael. "Make it something interesting and fun for people…take the seriousness out of it." 

In the video below, watch the latte artist at work in a New York coffee shop recently, drawing poo emojis and other fine internet sensations like Boo the adorable dog onto cups of coffee.