This 5-year-old dressed up as Beyoncé, and WON Halloween

Diana Alvarez and her 5-year-old daughter, Kylie Rae Brooks, absolutely adore Beyoncé (same though).

Anyway, when an opportunity for dressing up presented itself this week, it being Halloween, the choice was simple. 


The purest form of love #KylieRaeBrooks

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Kylie Rae embraced her inner Queen B, and we have to say, she NAILED IT. 


Ya'll haters corny… #KylieRaeBrooks

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Diana told Buzzfeed that the costume sort of just "came together" after they found the yellow dress. 

"She grabbed my shirt and said, ‘Momma, that’s Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’ dress,’” she said. 


Hold up, they don't love you like I love you! #KylieRaeBrooks

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“She kept looking at herself in the mirror. She didn’t want to take it off” the proud mum said. 

What an absolute superstar!