Things are getting serious for this Hollywood couple


So it looks as though Chris Martin has passed one of the biggest tests of any relationship: meeting the parents!

Yes, apparently Jennifer Lawrence is quite smitten with the Coldplay frontman, so much so that she recently introduced him to her mother.

This is always a scary ordeal, so we’re glad to hear that Chris passed the ‘mummy test’ with flying colours!

According to reports, Jen’s mum, Karen, flew all the way out to Los Angeles specially to meet her daughter’s new man, and was very impressed with what she saw.

Jennifer’s grandmother spilled the beans to the media (nice one, gran) saying: “We will have to get another chair for the dinner table at Christmas.”

While the stars have not actually officially confirmed that they are a couple, they have been spotted looking cosy on a number of occasions since romance rumours first broke.

And, let’s face it, her grandmother just set the writing on the wall for once and for all.

Good luck to Chris and Jen – we think they make a very sweet couple.