These frozen grapes will revolutionise your life

Frozen grapes are not only a quick and healthy snack to have throughout the day, but are somehow even sweeter than your standard grape. Eat them on their own or add them to desserts and salads. They’re also a great way to chill your glass of wine.

  1. Wash and de stem grapes.
  2. Rinse grapes under water for thirty seconds and then dry thoroughly.
  3. Place grapes on baking sheet with wax paper and freeze. By freezing them this way it ensures that grapes will not clump together.
  4. Some people like to sprinkle sugar on top of the grapes but it’s unnecessary due to the natural level.
  5. Leave the grapes to freeze for up to an hour. You can freeze for longer but that depends on your own preference.
  6. You can eat the grapes straight away from the freezer or leave to slightly thaw. We prefer them straight from the freezer as they taste sweeter.