These festive foods are more symbolic than you think

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and if you know anything about this annual event, you no doubt will want to have some kind of celebration.

If you’re planning a dinner, here are some of the traditional foods served at Chinese New Year and the meaning behind them:

A whole chicken
This represents family closeness and ‘togetherness’.

This a vegetarian dish that is eaten on the first day of the New Year. They believe that killing should not be allowed on that day and thank the Gods for a good year.

Candy tray
This usually contains eight compartments filled with symbolic foods to represent good health, unity, prosperity, fertility, good relationships, happiness and many good sons.

Spring rolls and clams
This is usually a symbol of health.

Served with the head and tail, this usually symbolises a good end to the year and a bright beginning to the next.