No shows! The six artists that COMPLETELY let us down in 2015

Every year multiple artists promise that their new album will be the hottest thing for the new year.

But as we waited and waited (Rihanna, we're looking at you) no albums seemed to surface which left us very disappointed.

Here, we take a look back at the artists that left us hanging this year, and the albums that never saw the light of day:


In June 2014, the band of sisters told BBC 6 Music that their Days Are Gone follow-up album is "coming very soon." Nearly 18 months later, we've heard absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. Not even a snippet of a new song.

Sorry, HAIM fans, it seems like you'll be waiting a little while longer.


5. Drake

When Hotline Bling rocked onto our radio stations this year, it's safe to say everyone got excited in hopes his new album would be following soon after.

But no; no album. He's been teasing Views From the 6 for more than a year now, so hopefully he'll get his act together in 2016. We're watching.


4. Macklemore

On January 1, 2015, Macklemore answered a question we've all been waiting to hear. One Twitter user asked the MC when can we hear a new album and he replied, "You will this year. Believe that."

Well, we believed it. And he LIED, because nearly a year later, there's no sign whatsoever of a new album.


3. Gwen Stefani

During a Twiiter Q&A in October 2014, Gwen said that her next studio album would be arriving in December. 

That December passed, and this December has nearly passed too. We kinda forgive her though, since she shockingly split from hubby Gavin Rossdale. BUT we're totally hoping she writes some love songs about her new beau Blake.


2. Kanye West

Ah, Kanye. He's been teasing his album that-may-or-may-not be called SWISH (it's more than likely called SWISH) for the whole year, but yet again, we were all left disappointed.

He did have a bit of a rant on Twitter though and asked everyone to stay away until he finished his album… so we guess he's working on it.


1. Rihanna

In January this year, Rihanna came out with FourFiveSeconds which was supposed to be the first single of her new album. 

She even released Bitch Better Have My Money in March AND she released album art and tour dates for ANTI. But we kinda haven't heard a THING from the actual album yet.

I guess we'll just have to keep waiting.