There’s a dating website for Trump lovers, and we’re ready to troll

While many of us are swiping away on Bumble and Tinder, there are many lonesome Trump supporters out there in the world getting the left swipe for their political beliefs. 

In a bid to rectify this, a brand new dating site has been set up just for supporters of Donald Trump. 

And no, your 'looking for' section does not have to include a strawberry blonde toupee and poorly distributed instant tan.

The dating site is also discriminatory, in that you have to be straight to use it. 

There's no homosexual dating allowed on Trump.Dating, the only options for gender and orientation are Straight Male and Straight Female. 

As for usernames, the already taken profile names give us an inkling as to what kind of people are currently using the site. 

The usernames WhitePower, Hitler, F*ckObama, Putin, and Build The Wall are already taken.

The website promises that it's users can 'discover love, romance and friendship on  on the world's premier dating network.' 

Stop the world, we want to get off…