The best hydrating serums that are genuinely worth every single penny


Is anyone else's skin looking a little tired and dull? The winter has not been kind to our skin and we're in dire need of a product that will rejuvenate our skin and help us look a little less like zombies.

We know there are hundreds of options out there so we decided to trial some of the top serums and found 8 that are well worth trying out.

You'll be glowing in no time!

As far as supercharged serums go, it’s hard to go wrong with the new classics.

Lancôme New Advanced Génifique Serum

You too can achieve flawless skin like Amy Huberman on the BAFTA red carpet last weekend by using her go-to skin serum Lancôme New Advanced Génifique Serum. This serum is designed for every woman: all ethnicities, ages, and skin types – dry, combination/normal and oily.  Lancôme Advanced Génifique, is now enriched with seven prebiotic and probiotic-derived extracts to strengthen the skin’s barrier and leave skin looking healthier and younger.

Inspired by microbiome science, this next gen iconic face serum's formula is enriched with a new complex of seven prebiotic and probiotic-derived extracts that works in optimal affinity with skin. Skin's barrier recovery is improved, and skin looks healthier and younger. Use morning and night to see major signs of aging appear visibly improved: radiance, fine lines, face firming, uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture.

Available from Brown Thomas
RRP €76

Image Skincare Serum Vital C ACE Serum

To instantly jolt a weary complexion back to life, reach for Image Skincare Serum Vital C ACE Serum. Once the skin is thoroughly cleansed, it’s time for your serum. An opportunity to pack the skin full of active ingredients. The time of year is the perfect moment to add a multivitamin to the skin. The Vital C ACE Serum is perfect for this. Boost hydration and radiance in the skin while packing a serious anti oxidative punch.

Image Skincare is available from approved salons nationwide.

RRP €87

Novexpert Booster Serum with 5 Omegas

We know omega oils are good for the brain, but we don’t hear as much about them in skincare. Novexpert Omega Booster Serum is an effective moisturising and nourishing serum for the face which delivers intense nutrition care using an anti-aging cocktail which contains active vitamins and Omega oils 3,6,7 and 9. The omega-oil-based serum is absorbed immediately, leaving the skin velvety and deeply moisturise. Use before moisturiser for obvious results within two weeks.

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

RRP €56

Avène’s Hydrance Intense Serum

Avène’s Hydrance Intense Serum, a French drugstore staple infused with thermal spring water that doubles as la Parisienne’s answer to arid conditions. Formulated with Cohederm™, a unique patented active, proven to form water reservoirs in dehydrated skin and replenish the skin barrier, for long lasting and effective rehydration. This is a fresh, light serum with an easily absorbed, melting texture to help replenish the skin with water.

Available in pharmacies nationwide

RRP €26

La Roche Posay Retinol B3 Serum

Speaking of French products, La Roche Posay has long been a favourite amongst Irish women and so the new Retinol B3 Serum will no doubt become a classic too. La Roche-Posay, the anti-ageing expert for sensitive skin, has launched their first Retinol Serum to fight the visible signs of ageing with a unique formulation for sensitive skin.  

Sensitive skin is in a state of chronic inflammation due to nerve fibres being much more active. Stress, free radicals, UV & pollution irritate nerve fibres which causes inflammation in both cells of the epidermis and dermis. These cells release substances that lead to the breakdown of collagens and elastin. This accelerates the ageing process.  

Retinol B3 with 0.3 percent Retinol combats the visible signs of ageing and is dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin. Retinol B3 is best for those concerned with dehydration, skin irregularities (complexion) and wrinkles, but also searching for a serum suitable for sensitive skin. In pre-launch clinical trials, results were outstanding with 75 percent saying their skin felt immediately soothed and within four weeks, 86 percent agreed overall skin appearance was improved.  

Apply retinol at night and make sure to wear SPF every morning and re-apply during the day.


Available in pharmacies nationwide

RRP €39.50

Yon-Ka Paris Hydra No1 Serum

With its true long lasting, intense hydration activating complex, this creamy and refreshing gel is the perfect emergency remedy for very dehydrated skin. It is quickly absorbed and replenishes the skins hydration levels. The anti-ageing and hydrating effects are enhanced when used in association with the Hydra No1 crème or fluid. Containing hyaluronic acid, essential oils and imperata cylindrica, this serum is the ultimate drink for dry skin.

Yon-ka Paris skincare is available from approved salons nationwide.

RRP €65

Ella & Jo Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum

Much loved cosmetics line Ella & Jo have just launched their new Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum. This wrinkle busting serum is suitable for all ages and skin types. With a powerful cocktail of Vitamin B3 and peptide complex Matrixyl 3000, which works by stimulating collagen synthesis and triggering skin repair, Ella & Jo’s Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum not only offers luxury but also proven results.

Available in pharmacies nationwide

RRP €40

Payot Hydra 24+ Concentré D’Eau 

This serum provides a source of continuous hydration, it re-infuses the skin with water to quench thirsty skin. It provides intense and lasting hydration for 30 hours, to restore comfort, suppleness and radiance to the skin.  This universal serum meets every woman’s needs and can be used in addition to all types of intense hydration care.

Skin is intensely hydrated, plump and luminous. We're in love with its ultra-cool, watery texture that is quickly. Its light scent diffuses notes of bergamot and white tea on a spellbinding musk base. Ideal for dehydrated skin. Apply every morning and/or evening on a thoroughly cleansed face and neck before your usual moisturiser.

Available in pharmacies nationwide and online here

RRP €47