The alternative ‘Bucket List’


Some of the world’s most amazing sights are on a fast track towards extinction so, before they disappear forever, you might want to book a trip.

Machu Picchu’s sister Choquequirao, Peru
The Peruvian government plan on building a 3-mile cable car to Choquequirao, which will see tourism spike from just five visitors a day to over 3,000, which will obviously have an effect on the area.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
This beautiful reef is being corroded due to rising ocean temperatures, pollution and over-fishing. The 7,000-year-old reef is one of the world’s most beautiful diving sites but scientists say it could be gone in 40 years.

Dead Sea, Israel and Jordan
The famous sea has been evaporating and sinking about three feet a year for the past 50 years and could be completely dry by 2054.

Venice, Italy
Apparently this beautiful and romantic city has started sinking and with an increase in the number of floods it experiences, it may well go the way of Atlantis.

You better get exploring before they are gone forever.