The ten types of sex we all know and love (or hate)!

Let's face it, sex is never like it is in the movies. There's no dramatic music, no intense eye contact – in fact, if there was, we'd find it all a bit weird!

The kind of sex most of us have experienced can be broken down into one of ten categories… here's our definitive list.

1. Lazy sex
No bells and whistles, just keep it simple!

2. Morning sex
Usually initiated while at least one of you is still half asleep. "Did we have sex earlier?"

3. Drunk sex
All those circus-style positions you'd never try while sober? Ohhh, they're gonna happen now!

4. Hungover sex
The only cure! Unless you're the kind of person that can't stand human contact while hungover… then it's a no-no.

5. "We really shouldn't" sex
Whether you're somewhere you shouldn't be or WITH someone you shouldn't be, forbidden sex has that certain edge to it.

6. Awkward sex
Weird noises, clumsiness, falling off the bed… we've all been that soldier.

7. Bad sex
Sometimes it's just… well… BAD.

8. Make-up sex
You two have just had a massive argument, and whether you've talked things out or not, the time for great sex is NOW.

9. Swanky hotel sex
Giant bed, giant pillows, amazing view… whip off that hotel bathrobe and get to it!

10. Best ever sex
If you're lucky you'll get great sex on the regular, but "best ever" sex only comes around once in a blue moon. Savour it!