The stages of friendship we all go through


You know them to see and that person seems cool. You probably think the two of you might really hit it off and want to state this fact too. But you don’t want to come off too strong either, so you just wait for the perfect opportunity to move onto the next friendship stage.

Work colleagues, lecture buddies or you just both happen to go to the exact same coffee shop at the same time, every morning. This is the person that you always manage to start some conversation with. It could be about the weather or your favourite television programme, either ways the small talk is surprisingly enjoyable.

Your go to person for anything. They can provide you info on a certain topic or just be the one person you need to rant to about something or anything. No matter the scenario, work or college related, you’ve got each other’s back.

You’ve finally reached this stage and are not sure how it exactly happened, but it has. You know, you’ve officially become friends with this person, when you both make the effort to meet up outside designated work or college hours.

Best Friends
This is something that can take time or sometimes it can happen instantly. But how do you know you have a best friend in the first place? Well, a best friend is usually someone who understands you, more than you understand yourself. They’ve always got your back and let’s face it, you’re not sure where you would be without them.