The skincare brand that will change your beauty routine


The French are renowned as experts in the field of beauty and skincare, and an experience with Yon-Ka products and treatments demonstrates this perfectly.

The reason for the brand’s worldwide popularity was immediately clear from our recent trip to the brand's spa in Paris, where we got to experience the full Yon-Ka spa treatment. Opting for the renowned Grand Classique facial, designed to cleanse, revive and regenerate tired and damaged skin, this 75-minute treatment was a unique and superior one.

Billed as one of the most elaborate and complete facials available in the beauty world, this well and truly lived up to its reputation. Beginning with the application of a gentle aromatic compress, you can feel your skin relaxing and your pores opening up under Yon-Ka’s innovative warm mist application, containing its signature essential oils.

The following facial peel and gentle elimination of blackheads are highlights of this intensive treatment, really taking the cleansing process to the next level in beauty care, while the eye contour mask and face and neck compress soothe tired skin to restore a natural glow.

Aside from the innovative and superior techniques applied in the Yon-Ka spa, the luxury of the products is tangible in the aromatic scents of the masks and the burst of refreshment from the cleansers and moisturisers.

While a trip to l’Espace Yon-Ka is an absolute must for beauty and skincare buffs everywhere, this wonderful process can be repeated from the comfort of your own home with Yon-Ka’s extensive range of products.

The brand’s signature Nettoyant cleansers, available in gel, milk and cream form, will add a touch of luxury to your daily facial routine, while the Lotion Yon-Ka restores balance and radiance to the skin. For a really intensive cleanse, the much-loved Gommage 303 and 305 scrubs exfoliate the skin, while moisturising. Meanwhile, the Yon-Ka Masques 103 and 105, containing three natural clays, are wonder products for boosting your skin’s natural glow and vitality.

Whether you are lucky enough to experience a treatment in a Yon-Ka spa, or are doing a luxurious treatment at home, a Yon-Ka facial will change your skincare routine forever.

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