The search is over! Irish girl Niamh has found her “twin stranger”


A couple of weeks back, Irish girl Niamh Geaney launched the search for her "twin stranger," along with her pals Harry English and Terrence Manzanga.

What's a twin stranger, you ask? Apparently there are at least seven people in the world who look exactly like you. They could be on any corner of the globe, from any walk of life. The hard part is of course finding them – and that's what Niamh, Harry and Terrence have set out to do.

Two weeks on, Niamh has finally met her first match – Irish barmaid Karen Branigan. Niamh and Karen were put in touch on social media after a call-out on Nicky Byrne's 2fm show and the pair finally met up last weekend.

Wow… doppelgänger much?! Niamh says that even her mum found the resemblance "scary" and that it was a very weird experience. “I just couldn’t stop looking at her face," Niamh said. It was just eerie”.

How cool is this?! 

So what do you reckon – can Niamh do better or has she really found her Twin Stranger? Follow her updates here or check her out presenting with us on S! TV.