The power of manifestation: How to include it in your daily life

Manifestation has become an incredibly popular tool in recent years, with many using it to harvest positive energy into their daily lives.

Of course, we shouldn’t presume that it is a magical spell that can simply make your dreams come true with the click of your fingers. In reality, manifestation is more about refocusing your thoughts and behaviours towards your ideal goals.

So, if you’re a complete newbie to manifestation and you’re intrigued about the concept, why not try introducing it into your daily routine?

Speaking on behalf of AltIndex, astrologer Inbaal Honigman recently revealed the five basic principles you can follow to release the power of manifestation. By taking a few minutes out of your day, you can work towards the life you have always dreamed of, and manifest where you hope to be in a few weeks, months or even years:


“Identify a goal, something you would love to have or achieve. Be very clear on the goal – write down the details of your desired outcome. Where, when and what, be specific and consider all the different aspects of this goal.

“Add details and flavour, make it personal, specify how you’ll feel when it happens, what your living space would look like when you’ve achieved it, how others would view you.”


“Picture yourself with your goal achieved. Note how you feel, what your thoughts are. Create a Pinterest vision board with different elements of your life, and how they’ll be different once you’ve manifested your goal.

“Where you’ll live, what you’ll eat for breakfast, how your hair will look. Include as much detail as you can think of, and close your eyes to imagine how you feel when the outcome has arrived.”


“Get into your own head by repeating your goals and desires multiple times a day, every day. The best affirmations are said in the present tense, and in the first person. Say ‘I am getting closer to my perfect job right now’ and not ‘I will get my perfect job in the future.’

“Avoid saying anything negative. Affirm ‘I always win’ rather than ‘I never lose’. Pick nine different affirmations and say them three times a day.The repetition creates traction in your mind, so that you’re always on message. There’s never a chance to forget the goal.”


“This is the hardest but the most important step. As you visualise, as you affirm, you need to believe that your outcome is on its way. Do it by engaging all your senses. Sniff what the outcome would smell like – the leather seats in your new office or the beach scent of your upcoming holiday. Taste the outcome, will your meals be different? Hear the sounds that would surround you when you’ve achieved your goal.

“Talk to yourself about the outcome as if it is already here. Mock up a Pinterest board of the clothes you’ll wear when you’ve received the loan, or curate images of the colour scheme for the living room in the house you’ll be moving into.”


“When magic is in the air, unusual things start to happen. Write down your dreams and thoughts and notice if they’re different. Do you sense new feelings, do you respond to things differently?

“Notice the world around you, as sometimes you’ll have a mini-outcome. For example if you manifest an award at work, and as soon as you start manifesting, before the achievement is here, you receive an award at your bowling club – this shows you that something is shifting, and your outcome is on its way.”