The Power of Hope: Kate Garraway pens intimate new novel

Good Morning Britain host, Kate Garraway has written a novel detailing her husband Derek Draper’s horrific, nearly year-long battle with Covid.

The Power of Hope, due to hit the shelves on April 29, will tell the tale about how 53-year-old Derek became diagnosed with coronavirus last March, 2020, resulting in him ending up in the ICU, and being put into a medically induced coma.

The virus has had extreme, long-lasting and unknown effects on Derek, as he’s now regained minimal consciousness and is currently unable to speak

While Derek is no longer Covid positive, he is still far too unwell to leave the hospital, with his two children, 14-year-old Darcey and 11-year-old Billy only being allowed to visit him for the first time over Christmas.

The book has been described as an “intimate” look into the horror that was the last year for Kate and her family, while Derek fought for his life. It’s to be a deeply personal story which she hopes will be able to “reach out to others who are suffering.”

“As well as recounting how the illness took hold of their lives, she writes about how she is coping with the uncertainty of their future, how she's supporting her children through this traumatic time, how she has found strength in community and how she strives to hold on to hope even at the darkest of times,” the book’s description reads.

The book is also said to be a “truly inspiring read that will resonate with all of us whose lives continue to be touched by the virus.”

The Power of Hope by Kate Garraway is being published by Penguin and is set to be released this coming April.