The new season hairdo you NEED to try is Chanel’s ‘croissant’ bun


Chanel debuted it's SS 16 Haute Couture collection in Paris earlier this week and it involved Star Wars galactic style ensembles, intense liquid liner and one adorable front row pooch. 

While Cara Delevingne's doggy was everything (literally everything), the beauty talking point of the show was most definitely the accurately named 'croissant bun' which was sported by all the models in the show including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. 

A cross between Princess Leia quirkiness and up-do chic, this hairstyle is unique, wearable and most importantly easy to achieve. 

As coined by top hair stylist Sam McKnight who would not stop tweeting about his '#chanelcroissant', the look was achieved using foam wires twisted into the desired pastry-inspired shape. 

"The inspiration was a Picasso sculpture which Karl showed me, with shaped hair in the back," Sam explained to Vogue.

"My team spent three days making 80 large croissant shapes from wired foam covered in human hair, to match the hair colour of each model. We then spent two days at Chanel before the show, fitting the pieces on each of the 65 models."

While croissant shaped foam buns do not seem to be readily available in shops just yet, we reckon a pretty similar look can be achieved using a DIY rolled up sock! (Bear with us). 

Make like most of the internet and instead of rolling the sock into a donut shape like so many before us, roll it up so that it is thicker in the middle and skinnier at the ends. Secure the shape with elastic bands. 

Next, part the hair down the middle and pull straight hair into a low pony-tail. Then add your croissant shaped bun to the nape of the neck and roll the hair in the ponytail around it. Secure with bobby pins. 

We will most definitely be giving this elegant, edgy look a whirl.