The new must have product for sun-kissed holiday skin without the holiday!


For many people in Ireland, applying tan is a self-care ritual that undeniably encourages confidence from the inside out. It can be meditative, a moment of some much-needed reflection, especially as we prepare ourselves for the reopening of the country. Dove wants to encourage women to take this time for themselves to feel confident, whether that’s for a catch-up brunch with friends or time put aside for your own pamper routine. That’s where the Dove Summer Revived Tanning Mousses comes in, the iconic self-tanner that comes in a delicious lightweight mousse. The creamy mousse glides onto skin with no greasy residue or transfer to clothes, so you can get dressed right away, whilst Dove’s 48h Active Moisturisation technology gives your beautifully hydrated sun-kissed skin.

The result? A natural-looking tan, completely streak-free that dries in seconds. No holiday? No problem! Dove Summer Revived Tanning Mousses is the lighter way to sun-kissed skin, without the holiday! With a fresh fragrance of sun-ripened fruits, Dove’s gradual self-tan body mousse is specifically designed to control your tan. The gentle, naturally derived tanners build a natural Summer glow day-by-day, leaving skin full of moisture. Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, these nourishing mousses will enhance your skin’s natural colour and cover fair-medium and medium-dark shades.

Speaking about Dove Summer Revived Tanning Mousses, Broadcaster, Writer and Dove brand ambassador Louise McSharry said: “Being a busy working mum it’s important for me to have a me-time moment and indulge in self-care every so often, and one of my favourite ways to enjoy this is through my tanning routine. I’m always looking for a product that not only gives me a summer glow, but also provides a nourishing and moisturising effect which I now get every time with the Dove Summer Revived Tanning Mousses. It makes me feel confident and ready for Summer with a sun-kissed glow. I’m also able to have control over my tan thanks to its streak-free formulation, even with an unpredictable Irish Summer”.

Chef, author and fellow Dove brand ambassador Trisha Lewis also added: “We may or may not be able to get away this summer, but that won’t stop me having a glorious and radiant summer glow thanks to the Dove Summer Revived Tanning Mousses. Confidence for me comes from the inside out, when I feel good on the inside it shines on the outside, and there’s no better way to feeling good in your own skin than when you take the time to enjoy your tanning routine. I love it! Dove’s formulation means it dries in seconds and I can get dressed right away, perfect for when we’ll all be on the go this summer enjoying life with friends and family, something we have all definitely missed’.

Thanks to Dove’s unique formulation the Dove Summer Revived Tanning Mousses glides onto skin without leaving any greasy residue or transferring onto your clothes, so you can get dressed right away. Nourish and glow with streak-free, natural-looking bronzed skin and 48-hour Active Moisturisation technology. Dove cares for all skin types and the mousse is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin and cover fair-medium and medium-dark shades. Products retail from €9.99 and are available in stores nationwide.