This Charlotte Tilbury facemask will give you the skin of an ANGEL


We can all agree that when it comes to beauty products, Charlotte Tilbury is an absolute QUEEN. 

This fact is only proven more accurate by her latest product launch…

The Instant Magic Dry Facial Sheet Mask will hit Charlotte Tilbury stores around the world in March, and we really cannot wait. 

What separates this product from any other sheet mask, though?

Well, it's dry, which means you won't be left with a gooey layer on your face after you use it; you will be left dry, and GLOWING. 

Also, the fact that the mask is dry means that you can reuse it three times, which makes it better value.

The cloth is infused with ingredients like Vitamin B3, plant cell matrix, crocus bulb extract, and Charlotte's signature "magic oils".

The mask will cost around €21, which is really just €7 a pop when you think about it.

Sounds good to us!