The Kardashian clan are not happy with Kylie Jenner’s latest stunt


She may be incredibly rich and famous, but it turns out that Kylie Jenner is – at least in some ways – just like any other teenager when it comes to making bad judgement calls!

The world looked on as the 17-year-old reality star hitched a ride in rapper boyfriend Tyga’s insanely cool three-wheel motorcycle this week, but not everyone was impressed.

Indeed, according to reports today, the Kardashian-Jenner clan are said to be pretty annoyed at Kylie, because she and Tyga were photographed without helmets!

Come on Kylie, safety first, please!

Weeks after Tyga declared his love for the reality star, they were seen cruising around Woodland Hills, California in his unique $25,000 Polaris Slingshot three-wheeler.

If you think Kris and co. are overreacting, just wait until you hear what this ‘motorcycle’ is capable of doing. Because, yes, while it looks like something from Back To the Future, it’s potentially pretty lethal, with the ability to go from zero to 60 in around five seconds. Wow.

We’re sure Kylie got a stern warning from Kris when she got home – and that it will all be conveniently captured on camera!

For real though, as major role models for young people, Kylie and Tyga should have made the smart choice and worn helmets.