The internet is going CRAZY for Channing Tatum’s lip sync battle

We have been hearing a lot of buzz over the last couple of weeks about the hour long Lip Sync Battle special in which Channing Tatum would be taking on his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum. 

We knew it would be pretty epic, but we definitely were not expecting this. 

As the show aired in the states yesterday, we are now free to revel in the madness as Channing emerges on a horse statue before delving into the much loved choreography for Beyonce's hit song Run the World (Girls). 

And while watching Tatum lip sync to this track with a face full of contour, a full on wig and a questionably short skirt was entertaining enough, the whole crowd and it seems, the entire Internet, flipped out appropriately when Beyonce took to the stage.

And that appropriate reaction was also captured perfectly by Jenna. 

 And the internet agrees. 

While the full video has not been released, you can watch the epic moment she arrives out on stage below.