The internet has lost it over a cat that looks EXACTLY like Kylo Ren


What happens when a rescue cat with identical features to a well-known fantasy series villian surfaces on Twitter?

Well, the internet suitably loses it's mind of course.

When a New Jersey animal rescue centre in the States took to social media to share an image of new rescue Corey, one Twitter user could not believe the uncanny resemblance of the cat to new Star Wars villain, Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver.  

And we have to say, she definitely has a point. 

The shelter posts pictures of their rescue animals to their Twitter page in order to help them get adopted, but they had no idea that this particular four-legged friend had a pretty famous (and pretty evil) doppelgänger. 

Thousands of likes and retweets later, the internet was pretty enamoured by this unlikely resemblance. 

Even fan favourite parody account, Emo Kylo Ren, got involved. 

While the real Kylo Ren suffers from some serious family issues, little Corey received a very happy ending when the shelter revealed he had been snapped up by a loving forever home. 

We can only hope that the real Kylo Ren also finds a forever home of his own.